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Mashman Media

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About Mashman Media

Mashman Media was founded by Isaac Mashman in July of 2019 and is your premier media company that specializes in working with musical talent, helping the client save time, receive maximized results and achieve their brand and personal goals.


Mashman Media's Mission Statement

"Mashman Media's chief aim is to be focused forward and innovative in all areas of business, while operating efficiently and effectively, delivering premier results for every client."


What You Get When You Work with Mashman Media as an Artist

By working with Mashman Media you will be working with a company that guarantees results and a company that takes its time to get to know you as a person, and as an artist. We do this so we can better serve you and provide a truly personalized service to help you achieve YOUR goals!

Some of what’s included:

    • A comprehensive list of Spotify curators (200+)
  • Valued at $149
        • One-on-one coaching with Isaac Mashman
      • Valued at $500+
          • Isaac Mashman’s Social Media Blueprint PDF
          • Isaac Mashman’s Social Media Strategy PDF
          • Don’t have your music on Spotify or Apple music yet? Not a problem! We’ll help you get started.
          • Get a verified artist profile on Genius
          • Access to your knowledge graph (if you have one)
          • Your brand will be on 20+ different platforms including platforms that other artists wouldn’t think to be on. What this does is increase your name visibility when people Google your artist name, helping you dominate the search results.
          • Optimized social media accounts that cater to the human psyche.
          • Access to Isaac’s Inner Circle, a Facebook group only accessible by other clients such as yourself.
            • Exclusive content
              • New information such as social media strategies, updates and branding tips given to you even after our initial work is complete.
            • Be the first to know about upcoming events, updates and promotions
            • Exclusive deals for worthwhile products and services
          • Looking for other artists to work with? Do you need a producer or engineer? Mashman Media will put you in contact with only the best from their network.
          • Be put into Mashman Media’s Official Artist and Producer Directory allowing you to potentially be contacted in the future by artists we work with, and get PAID!
          • Priority consideration for when Isaac Mashman hosts concerts and events throughout the United States and eventually world. 


          It's time to you take your brand, image and music to the next level! Get the respect and recognition you deserve!


           Are you an artist and want to learn more? Go ahead and message us directly on our site or on Instagram @mashmanmedia. You can also email us at


          Take the leap of faith and get started today! Don't wait!


          Mashman Media's Referral Program

          The most powerful form of marketing since the beginning of time has been the word of mouth. At Mashman Media we are confident in ourselves and in what we deliver, and are certain you will want to tell others about us. To encourage this, we decided to throw in an incentive which we call our referral program.

          For every person whom you refer to us, and we work with, you will receive 10% in commission for up to 3 months of services.


          Let's say you refer Jimmy to us. Jimmy decides to go with us for an one month $1,000 package, that's an easy $100 in your pocket! Refer a few people, you could potentially make your investment back while also helping the people you refer!

          Please know that we are flexible in our payment plans and are more than willing to work around your situation. Do not think that any project is too big, too small or that our services are out of your reach, because they aren't! Reach out and let us help you.



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