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What To Expect in The Coming Weeks

 What is going on everyone?! Thank you so much for reading this blog post, as I get my website up and going more and more, I am going to be posting updates on not only the status of my businesses, but the status of social media as well. As of today May 1, 2019, I am currently working very hard on getting my new and improved podcast, the Hustler’s Choice podcast up and running. You can expect to see an episode drop as early as the end of this month. I am truthfully excited to be providing each and everyone of you with valuable information. 

 Aside from that, if you are not following me on Twitter and Instagram that is a huge huge mistake! I have been going live virtually on a daily basis, and trying my best to provide you guys with only high-quality information. As my social media presence has grown over the past couple of months, I continue getting messages from people thanking me for what I am putting out. I would like to let you know that that means the world to me. Finally the only other thing that I will mention is that my content game will be stepping up even more in the coming weeks!


Thanks again, and if we are not connected already make sure to reach out on social media @isaacmashman.

Much Love!

- Isaac Mashman

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