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The Struggle Is Your Best Friend

I want you to think back to when you were first learning how to swim. Remember how scared you were? How the first few laps in the swimming pool felt like they lasted forever? The feeling that if you stopped focusing for one second, you would go under the water and drown? Keep those emotions in the back of your mind as you continue reading this. For those of you don’t know how to swim, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m certain that you’ve heard of the following story at least once in your life so try to imagine what I am saying.


We all have heard of the kid who learned how to swim after he or she was tossed into the deep end of the swimming pool by either their parent or another family member. Now, that really wasn’t the smartest thing to do on the adult’s end, but there is a lesson to be learned in it. The idea was to put the kid who had never swam before into the deep end of the pool so they would be forced to figure it out, or basically drown. Remember the adult was there on the sidelines the entire time to make sure nothing bad would happen, but at the time the kid did not know that. By putting the kid into the situation it showed them what it is like to not have the comfort of being able to touch the bottom of the swimming pool. Every single time I’ve heard that story, it ends with the little boy or girl learning how to swim. They got creative, their instincts kicked in and they figured it out. I also choose to believe, that if that situation had never happened, many of these kids would’ve never learned how to swim, or would have not learned until much later on in life. Their discomfort and struggle in the water made them stronger and taught them then at that time, versus waiting and learning later.


The meaning behind this example, is that the unknown and the struggle of figuring things out, and enduring situations, can if perceived correctly, lead to a positive outcome. So many people live their lives running away from the struggle. I want you to think of a fork in the road. The road on the left is paved and is the path that many people go down. The road on the right, is that of a mountain, with twists and turns, vines and weeds. To the average person, they would take the road more traveled because it’s the “easy way out” (which by the way is actually not easy). Those same individuals fail to realize, that by taking the more difficult path, they become stronger. If by the end of their journeys you compared high people side by side, I guarantee the one who climbed the mountain will have in the least more grit, and understanding of perseverance.


Let’s look at another example. It is scientifically known That the only way to gain muscle, is by ripping muscle. The muscle rips, and then heals by overlapping the old muscle. Deep cuts heal the highest. Anyways, you’re not going to become ripped if you never go to the gym and put in the work, right? Right!


Instead of looking at the struggles of your life, and of your past as negative things, I want you to change your paradigm and start viewing them as growing experiences. There’s a lesson to be learned in everything that happens in your life, but if you never experience new things how do you expect to learn new things? Struggles can be physical, mental or even emotional. Some struggles can be worse than others, but I choose to believe that no matter how bad a situation or circumstance can be, you, God’s highest form of creation and the only mammal who is intelligent enough to control the subconscious mind, should of all things be able to pull yourself through.


In 2019, I made it my mantra to push my limitations. To challenge my limits because I know that by going through struggles, and by putting myself in situations that the normal person would be afraid of getting into, I will come out a stronger, smarter, wiser and just overall a better version of myself.


The struggle is your best friend. The more struggles you go through, and the more struggles that you have gone through literally mean you are more prepared than everyone else for what is yet to come in life.


Face it, everyone goes through struggles but most people run from them. I want you to run to them. Stop hating your circumstances, and start enjoying your situation. Call the ideology insane or radical, but I know that if you listen to the things that I’m telling you to do, you will truly be above average, and act above average.


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