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Stress. Something that all humans have experienced in some way, shape, or form and something that many people battle with on a daily basis just because they don’t know any better. Heck, you’ve probably Googled ways to battle stress, as well as ways to prevent stress meanwhile failing to understand that In actuality it all starts with your mentality and with your mindset.


The unfortunate truth behind stress, is that many individuals use it as an excuse. They don’t follow up with their college degree because they get too stressed out. They don’t travel, because booking flights and hotels and worrying about expenses causes them to “stress too much”. It Is sad to think about when you put it into perspective. The world is full of opportunities, and of rich experiences, but because an individual is too caught up in his or her own fears, that fear triggers the reaction of stress, hence they don’t get the most out of their lives.


Stress is not just in a mental form either. There is such thing as a physical stress, but the thing is, a lot of physical stress, is caused by an overwhelming mental stress. It may sound confusing but hear me out. It is a cause and effect situation. The stress on one’s mind transmutes into a physical manifestation. Take certain heart attacks for example, the individual has a heart attack because their mental stress causes them to worry to such a degree that their physical body cannot handle it no longer. There are countless other examples of when a bad state of mind leads to a bad physical health.


What I implore for each and everyone of you who is reading this to do, is instead of letting stress control your situation, why don’t you stop and control your stress? Since the beginning of time it seems like humans have socially accepted their current state as permanent, almost as if it is a condition. Just because society is doing it, they believe that they have to be a part of whatever that group of people is doing. But why?


We doubt ourselves. We limit the capabilities of our own minds to match that of the person next to us. To acknowledge that the mind is capable of changing the chemical endorphins and balance of the body is an unbelievable thought, however it is true! Whenever you think something is negative, your mind automatically switches it’s state, which changes your emotions. Your emotional state is directly correlated with your state of mind.


As you go throughout life, and your day-to-day grind, recognize that you are in control of your reactions. You are in control of how you feel, and whether or not you will choose to let stress run your life. The goal is to be the puppet master, not the puppet. The engineer, and not the machine.


Now at this point, you’re probably wondering what are some simple techniques that you can use to take control of your stress. Aside from controlling your thoughts, there are several other techniques that I would recommend. One is meditation. The entire process of stopping, winding down and oxidizing your body and brain, can truly do wonders. It is also said that 30 minutes of being in direct sunlight, can literally limit the effects of depression, and I believe the same can be said with stress.


Limit your stressors. If your friends are stressing you out by throwing you into situations where peer pressure is running rapid, take yourself out of that situation. Eliminate drugs and alcohol. That is the topic for another day, but using other physical things to try to escape from your reality, will not solve any issues. If anything your stress will just grow.


Don’t doubt yourself and remember that anything is possible!


Thank you for reading.



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  • Great post. I like what you say about taking control of your situation to lessen stress.

  • Enjoyed the information.

  • Great blog Isaac! Definitely opened my eyes to the fact that my way of dealing with stress isn’t healthy And could actually be making things worse. Thanks for being such an inspiration!


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