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We have all heard the saying that Thomas Edison did not fail a whole bunch of times in his search to invent the light bulb, but instead the saying goes that he had simply found 9,999 ways to not invent the light bulb. Now, that idea to many people would to this day be considered radical and to an extent, it is understandable why someone would think that, just due to social conditioning and preconceived beliefs. For any of you who have been following my content for an extended amount of time, you probably know that I do not believe that there is such thing as failure, and that rather the topic is subjective to one's ideologies. I choose to believe that if you learned a lesson, no matter the size or depth, it was not a failure but rather a learning experience; something to make you grow as a person.


Whenever someone thinks of something as a failure, it is easy for them to then get discouraged. For example if you set a goal, and end up not achieving it, a lot of times that will trigger an emotion of stress, and of disappointment, which therefore leads to a rabbit trail of self deprecation and for the person to beat themselves up. Now, it is known that negativity only leads to more negative things, so why would one want to continue along that path? It genuinely makes no sense, which leads me to my next point.


I have noticed in my own personal life (speaking from experience here) that if you view situations in life that someone would normally refer to be a failure, as a learning experience, your overall mentality will prevent you from taking a negative turn. I view it almost as a self-defense mechanism. By examining the pros of my “failure”, I end up maintaining a positive perspective on the situation deferring any bad reactions. It is difficult to begin stressing over something that isn't bad is it not? 


The beauty behind life is that we are not perfect. Yes we will end up falling down, but the joy of the journey is in the struggle. When I think about certain situations in my own life prior to my change in attitude, I always viewed things as failures, but now as I look back in reflection, I realize that every single thing that stemmed from those situations, ended up resulting in a change of mind, a lesson learned or a fresh, new perspective. Not so bad after all! As I go forward with more blog posts, you’ll begin to notice my rather firm stance on mindset and positivity, as once you understand the power of the brain, you will never view life the same.


I’ll leave you with one final thought. Perspective is more important than you realize.


Until next time, keep hustling and remember Success Before Rest.


Thanks a ton!

- Isaac Mashman


Instagram & Twitter: @isaacmashman

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