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A Win Is Still A Win

As we approach the Midway point of 2019, I have started to think about New Year’s resolutions. I personally did not set any going into the year because they have a negative connotation, however I know many of you set some. You might’ve wanted to get into shape, 10X your business, travel somewhere, whatever it might have been, I now must ask you, did you actually follow through with your resolution? See what a lot of people do is they set a goal, or set a resolution and get disappointed because they did not complete it. This often times leads to a rabbit trail of insecurities, negative emotions and negative thoughts. I know from my personal life, and through growing my own personal businesses that I have set some very lofty goals and have been too focused in recent months on what I am going to achieve, instead of understanding the power of what I have already achieved. If we spend time thinking about how far away we are from completing said goal, it is really easy to beat ourselves up. What we should do, is recognizing how much farther along, we have come.


If you focus on everything that you were not able to accomplish, the only thing you are doing is attracting more failure. If you focus on what you have completed and duplicate your success, you’ll start to see more results. You will act differently, you will be happier, you will understand your capabilities are much greater than what you once thought. In episode 3 of The Hustler’s Choice Podcast I mentioned how whenever you go to build a Lego tower you start off with one brick. Brick by brick that Lego tower starts to grow, and become taller. The same can be said for a building, or a wall. The Great Wall Of China didn’t magically appear.


That’s how wins are. That my friends is what success is. There is no such thing as an overnight success, it’s impossible. Even the person who won the lottery had to wait to find out if he won, or had to go through their entire life before they got the winning ticket. Success is not going to be easy, and it damn sure will not be quick. Well, your success can be quick, but will it be long-lasting?


My point of saying these things is that if you were to take and understand the power of everything you have completed and accomplished and use the taste of success to drive you forward almost like a drug, your hustle will begin to change. You’ll move differently. You will understand that you have done XY&Z things in the past, so why can you not do those things again in a different form; in a different fashion? I am not saying or telling you to flex your wins, or to only focus on past victories, but rather to recognize if you’ve done something great before, you should obviously be able to do it again on a much bigger level.


As you go through this week and the rest of your life, start understanding the power of your small wins. Respect them. A win is still a win. A goal no matter how small, is still a goal. Remember the Lego tower, those bricks add up.


Thank you so much for reading this and remember Success Before Rest, if you have not already, I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out my podcast The Hustler’s Choice Podcast, now available on all made major streaming platforms.


Isaac Mashman




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